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joi, 29 martie 2012

Roger Waters says Falkland Islands are Argentinian

The Falkland Islands should belong to Argentina, the former Pink Floyd bass player Roger Waters is reported as saying in a television interview to be aired in Chile.

Waters has arrived in South America for a major concert tour just as tensions between Argentina and Britain over the islands reach their highest pitch since the 1982 Falklands war. Argentina claims the British-held islands as its own, calling them Las Malvinas.

"Roger Waters was categorical: Las Malvinas belong to Argentina," a journalist for the Chilean TVN state channel announced on his Twitter account after getting an exclusive interview with the rock star on Tuesday. The show airs on Wednesday night on TVN's 24hs news show.

"I am as ashamed as I possibly could be of our colonial past," Waters is reported to have said to TVN journalist Amaro Gómez-Pablos. When asked if the islands are British or Argentinian, Waters reportedly replied: "I think they should be Argentinian."

In a separate press conference in Chile the rock star was more cautious regarding the Falklands dispute, not saying directly who should own them. "Clearly there needs to be a solution to the problem of the varying claims [to the islands] – the claims are so convoluted and so old, going back as they do to the 17th century. It's not a simple situation."

The rock star, who has legions of fans in Argentina, addressed the Falklands dispute in Pink Floyd's 1983 concept album The Final Cut in which the lyrics of the first track say: "Oh Maggie, Maggie, what have we done?" – an apparent reference to Margaret Thatcher's order to sink the Argentinian battleship Belgrano, killing 368 Argentinian sailors.

"My view is that certainly it saved Margaret Thatcher's political career at the time at the cost of a great many Argentine and British lives, which disgusted me then and still does now. I was never a huge fan of Margaret Thatcher," Waters told the press conference in Chile.

Waters arrived on the heels of the American actor Sean Penn, who sparked controversy two weeks ago when he lambasted Britain for what he termed "ludicrous and archaic colonialism" in the Falklands after meeting with President Kirchner in his role as special ambassador for Haiti.

The Argentinian government on Tuesday instructed the country's 20 largest companies to stop importing British products. In a nationally televised speech a day earlier, Argentina's president Cristina Kirchner declared the islands "one of the last remaining colonialist enclaves in the world".

The industry minister Débora Giorgi has instructed companies to replace British imports with alternatives from other countries. Argentina imported products worth an estimated £400m from Britain in 2011.

The virtual import embargo came a day after two British cruise liners were turned away from the Argentine southern tourist port of Ushuaia under a new law in the province of Tierra del Fuego prohibiting all UK-flagged ships from docking there.

After playing in Chile, Waters arrives in Buenos Aires for nine sold-out shows at the River Plate football stadium that begin next Wednesday. Waters has sold more than 370,000 tickets for the Buenos Aires leg of his The Wall Live tour in South America. Press reports estimate a gross revenue of £19m for the Buenos Aires shows alone.

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This is Mr. Roger Waters

Roger's 2000 In The Flesh Tour Book You can get to see some cracking pictures of Roger over on A Fleeting Glimpse HERE

Roger Waters On BBC Breakfast Show 23 Nov. Catch the replay of this excellent interview HERE Ca Ira now scheduled for Paris & Greece, amoungst other news. (Thanks Mark Hand)

Ca Ira - Pictures & Video! Roger's opera 'Ca Ira' that premièred in Rome on 17 Nov. was a smash hit with the audience. However, the first critical review wasn't so kind. You can read the review, see more pictures of the premier, access a video clip of part of the opera, (including Roger's introduction) and catch up with all the background, in our special Ca Ira Gallery

Harry & India Waters can be seen standing just left of centre.
(Pic thanks to Nicola)

UK Hall Of Fame Ceremony.As we reported some weeks ago, Roger Waters was unable to attend the ceremony due to his commitments with Ca Ira. However, he did put in an appearance by satellite. Rick Wright was a non starter, as he is preparing for a cataract operation. So it was left to David & Nick to represent the Floyd. VIEW PINK FLOYD'S INDUCTION HERE (14MB Right mouse click - save as)

Ca Ira Programme. Here's a sneak preview of the Auditorium programme for Roger Water's Ca Ira Premier. Click on thumbnails for larger view. (Thanks to jce)
Roger Waters Interviews. We have been resisting bringing you most of the multitude of Roger Waters interviews that are around at the moment, basically because they have all been saying the same thing. However we have found an exception to these run of the mill 'puffs'. In an extensive interview with Serge Simonart from the Belgian Humo magazine (4 Oct) , Roger once and for all puts the Wizard Of Oz nonsense to bed, claims that a 1968 Floyd movie has been uncovered, says that Syd Barrett is 'an electricity board that has been overloaded', said that Pink Floyd toyed with the idea of asking Syd to Live 8 and so much more! You can read the full translated interview HERE (pdf) or view the original article HERE We are indebted to Felix Atagong for the translation and the link.

Order Live 8 DVD Now! are taking orders for what promises to be one of the hottest DVD releases for the year. Now available worldwide, you can order the DVD through these special links, and at the same time help to defray some of the costs involved with running this site. USA/Canada | UK Don't forget, not only do you see Pink Floyd's performance, but you also get to see the rehearsals!

Roger Waters Web Chat. You can now access the full web chat with Roger that was held on 17 October HERE (pdf)

Mr & Mrs Waters??? The picture (left) of Roger & Laurie is captioned 'Roger Waters; Laurie Waters' and was taken at the Premiere Of "Elizabethtown" on 10 Oct Source Is there something you aren't telling us Roger?

Ca Ira debuts at Number One on Billboard Charts. After it's release on 27 Sept, Roger Waters opera rocketed to the top of the Billboard Traditional Classical Chart. Ca Ira gets it's debut in Rome on November 17th & 18th. You can read more about the Billboard debut HERE or get comprehensive details about Ca Ira HERE (Thanks Tony Mulligan)

"It was a great weight off my back to have a rapprochement with the three guys after all the enmity. Constantly, in my work, I am exhorting people to let go of entrenched positions, and that could be seen as hypocritical in view of the fact that, for all those years, I held an entrenched position in terms of the history and the internal politics of Pink Floyd. "So to be able to relinquish that enmity was very important to me.

If that's the only time we play together for the rest of our lives, I will reap the benefits of those few days for the rest of my life."
Roger Waters Oct 05 - Various sources.

Roger Waters on CNN. Roger was interviewed on CNN on 29 Sept about Ca Ira. Naturally, questions about a possible Pink Floyd reunion were asked. In this interview, Roger mentions that the band might get back together for 'political' as well as charity reasons. You can see the complete interview HERE

�a Ira, 10 years in the making - now here. Roger Waters long awaited opera is now on sale and the first major review is in. Now you can read what the NY Times thinks of Ca Ira. You can also get to listen to parts of the opera, access links, read comprehensive details & view pictures HERE UPDATE Additional Rome Show Announced

'Hey You' featured in new movie. On 26 Sept Roger Waters attended a post-New York Film Festival screening party for the upcoming "The Squid and the Whale," which opens Oct. 5, and features 'Hey You' prominently in the film. At the party, Roger was asked about Pink Floyd performing together again, and replied "If there's another charity, or a reason to bring us together, I could see it happening,. Otherwise, no. And we've had lots of offers. But we're just not going to do the $250 million tour." ARTICLE Roger can be seen pictured right (Getty Images) at that event. (Thanks to Tony Mulligan)

Back To The Wall - Does It Live Up To The Hype? Billy Sherwood (probably best known for the time he spent time playing with Yes) has put together an impressive cast of musicians including Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman, Alan White, Billy Sherwood, Ian Anderson, Tommy Shaw, Adrian Belew, Robby Krieger, Glenn Hughes, Keith Emerson, Fee Waybill, Ronnie Montrose, Steve Morse, Geoff Downes, John Wetton, Elliot Easton and Steve Lukather. This incredible band of talented people have taken on the massive task of covering Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'. Now you can be the judge of what you think of their efforts, as streaming access to the FULL 2 part album, (or individual tracks) is legally available HERE If you would like more information about the album, please go HERE or if you wish to purchase go HERE

Would I go back and make a record with those three guys? Well I guess so, yeah. In an astonishing interview on BBC Radio 4 on 10 September, Roger Waters declared that there is no reason that the four of them could not make another album! You can listen to a stream of the interview HERE

Roger Waters to be Escape Artists Patron Roger Waters has become a patron of Cambridge based charity. The Pink Floyd legend was first approached with a view to getting him involved in Escape Artists� Cambridge Cantata, a song of the city project, which is due to be performed on September 25th by King�s College Choir. Escape Artists Director Matthew Taylor said he was �thrilled� by the news. Read the full details HERE

Cirque du Soleil to collaborate with Roger Waters on Broadway production of 'The Wall' Roger Waters has confirmed in a newspaper article that the Cirque du Soleil will be collaborating on his Broadway production of 'The Wall'. Check out the Quebec newspaper, ( the source for the story) Article in French You can also check out the story in FRENCH at or copy the URL and paste it using use Babel Fish for an hilarious translation!. (Thanks Paul Cousineau)

BBC Radio 2 Interview with Roger Waters. On 8 Sept, Roger gave another interview, mainly about Ca Ira, but he also talks about how the Live 8 reunion came to be (Roger wanted to do In The Flesh), and once again, in a positive tone, states that Pink Floyd 'may' do another 'charitable' concert sometime in the future. Do not miss this! It runs for just over 13 minutes in MP3 format and is around 12MB HERE Right mouse click & 'save target as'. (Thanks to Laughingnome)

PINK FLOYD TO BE INDUCTED INTO THE UK MUSIC HALL OF FAME David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright re-unite for the second time in 24 years to attend ceremony!! See full OFFICIAL press release & details HERE

"I hope we do it again" says Roger Waters. "If some other opportunity arose, I could even imagine us doing Dark Side of the Moon again - you know, if there was a special occasion. It would be good to hear it again." HERE

Roger Waters Quits UK In Disgust At Hunting Ban. The Times has reported that Roger has gone to live in America �in disgust� at what he says is an unfair attack by Tony Blair�s government on Britain�s countryside community. Read the full article HERE There is also a brilliant new interview with Roger in The Times. Here's a quick snippet: Waters is still glowing at the memories. (Live 8) So much so that, even amid the denials, and even with Gilmour making a solo album, one wonders if that was the final performance by Pink Floyd. �It was moving,� says Waters of the quartet�s rapprochement in front of hundreds of millions. �I wrote an e-mail to Dave afterwards. I�d just seen a bunch of press cuttings, and I think I said, �How extraordinary to be so warmly feted by a press that�s always been so unpleasant and negative in the past.�

James Guthrie & Alan Parsons Dark Side interviews

This site deals with Roger Waters solo career. If you are wanting material from Roger's days with Pink Floyd, then please go to A Fleeting Glimpse. Mark Fenwick (Roger's Manager) continues to assist with official news items and we hope that you can come back time and again for all your Roger Waters news.

The controversial 'Whip Craic' concert at the Royal Albert Hall (2002) that drew bitter comments from many of Roger's fans (See item this page) went by without protest.

The show featured the premier performance of the Overture from Roger Waters' opera, Ca Ira. You can read the reviews & see some more show pics HERE

Late 2002 Roger played at the Music To My Ears concerts. The shows were on Oct. 7 at Boston's FleetCenter and Oct. 8 at New York's Madison Square Garden. The Boston lineup also featured Billy Joel, Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, John Mellencamp, Sting, and James Taylor; those artists, minus Joel, also played in New York along with Jimmy Buffett and Brian Wilson.

On September 12th & 13th 2002 Roger performed 2 shows at the Royal Festival Hall (London) with legendary guitarist Jeff Beck. You can read the reviews and get to listen to song or two by going HERE

If you are one of the few Roger Waters fans who has not yet visited his 2002 Tour Site then where have you been? If you have a couple of days to gaze at hundreds of tour photos, tons of reviews, stacks of MP3's and a pile of video clips, then get your bum over HERE

Get yourself over to A Fleeting Glimpse and see The Wall Film Book photos NOW LADDIE!

Roger's new songs are now available for streaming HERE Roger was considering contributing these songs to an album being compiled by Michael Moore. Read how this came about and see the results of our poll on this issue HERE

A couple of nice pics of Roger at the Yele Haiti Benefit on the 27 August. Full size images can be found HERE

Jay Stapley interview now online. You will recall that Jay sat in for Eric Clapton on the second Pros and Cons of Hitchiking" tour. Now there's an excellent interview with Jay HERE

Rock Music Memorabilia. Our other site (A Fleeting Glimpse) has lots of Rock Music Memorabilia special offers, that are also available to visitors to this site. Check out the great book offer There Must Be A Better Way or the Just Broken Even box set or the brilliant Knebworth Commemorative Box Set. When ordering, be sure to mention Roger Waters On Tour to get the special offers!

" I didn't mind rolling over for one day" Says Roger Waters in this revealing new Rolling Stone article CLICK

'The Wall' on Broadway - Full Steam Ahead As we reported last August, Here & Here Miramax Films has pacted with Casablanca Records to develop and produce a Broadway musical based on Pink Floyd's rock opera "The Wall." Here's the LATEST NEWS Also a March 2005 interview

Will Roger remarry? Roger recently become engaged to film maker girlfriend Laurie Durning. Roger is understood to have been seeing Laurie for several years. This would be his fourth marriage.

Roger Waters is convinced he landed the deal of his life when he saw Jimi Hendrix'ss first live appearance in England - as a guest of Cream - for less than $2 STORY

India Waters A page about Roger's model daughter is now available HERE Caution, revealing pictures!

New Roger Waters Song? We were sent an MP3 called County Down, which was claimed to be by Roger Waters. We were not so sure, and have now found out the real story! FULL DETAILS

PP Arnold @ The Rocket. PP gave a sterling performance late last year, and was joined by amoungst others Andy Wallace. We have a great show review, along with some great pictures HERE

In a possible nod to Bob Dylan, Roger said in an interview with Jim Ladd, that the working title for his new album is 'Heartland'. (Dylan had a song of the same name).

In a political interview on radio in Sept 04, Roger suggested that there is a possibilty that a DVD of a live 1980/81 'Wall' concert will "definitely become available at some point quite soon."

Roger launches the 'Writings on the Wall' campaign. Roger has joined the protest about the wall, built by Israel, cutting through the occupied territories. He signed an 8 ft tall mock up of the wall “we don’t need no thought control”. War On Want

Roger told a Long Island Hamptons reporter (Steve Matteo) that he was about to conclude a deal that will be a feature film of The Final Cut. Full Details

We have had a good dig around in the vaults and thanks to Victor, have managed to turn up some old titillating newspaper cuttings. HERE

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Access nearly 50 videos & MP3's From Roger's 2002 Tour HERE

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The Wall Berlin 1990 on DVD MORE

The Wallboards! Thanks to our friends Ron Toon & Paul Bridgeman you can now see 38 high res images from the Wall Storyboard that were used to pitch the movie. There are also 15 LIVE pics from the show Enter

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In The Flesh ~ The Album

A 15 minute recorded segment of Ca Ira was played at the Gert Hofs Light & Firework extravaganza in Malta at midnight on 30 April. Pictures, Video, Sound & Report

Classic Rock. Our advice when dealing with this company is DON'T! Reviews

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