sâmbătă, 21 mai 2011

Pink Floyd Concert in Romania 2012?

Saw a very odd story indeed today on a website called Business Reivew in which they say, “At a press conference announcing the Rock the City festival, D&D East Entertainment officials have stated that the legendary Pink Floyd might hold a concert in Romania, next year, according to website realitatea.net. The organizers are, however, currently negotiating with the band.”

I find that highly unlikely even in light of Nick Mason’s recent radio interview on BBC 6 Music in which he said he would like Pink Floyd to get back together and play a concert for a special occasion, much like Live 8.

Pink Floyd have not played in Romania before although Roger Waters has performed in Russia in the past a few times. I find it highly unlikely that they would play in Romania!

Anyway, what do I know! Please do leave a comment below to share your thoughts about this story and where you would ideally like to see Pink Floyd perform a concert in future! You never know what could happen!


2 comentarii:

  1. What is your problem about this? A Pink Floyd Concert in Romania would be fantastic! What's your problem with Romania? Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Ac/Dc/, Bon Jovi, Robert Plant and many others were in Romania and they had great succes. I believe a Pink Floyd Concert in Romania would be absolutely great!

    1. First time when I heared and liked a song performed by Pink Floyd, I was 3 years old. My aunt was and is a big fan of this band. I rediscovered them when I was a teenager, and since then, I'm also a big fan of Pink Floyd. I belive that a concert in Romania would be a really success because they have many fans of different ages. So, I'm looking forward to see them, especially me and my aunt.